Friday, December 7, 2012

Ready, Aim, Fire: My Canon Story

My family used to have the Canon G12 and we would always have a discussion as to who will get to use it even though there were other cameras in the house. Lucky me, I got to tote the camera to some of my amazing trips.

The colors of the photos taken by this camera is so vivid. It's like I can relive my experiences all over again just by looking at the photos.  Plus, this point and shoot camera is very easy to use and the quality is simply perfect.

Look, it's a secret hideaway - Coron 2012

The palm trees and white sand beach of Boracay - Boracay 2011

Aside from those trips, we were able to capture our lovely dogs in action.

This is Louise asking Shakti to play with her.

 And last but not the least, Canon was also there to document my embarrassing fan girl moments.

With the lead singer of Bloomfields. Taken with my first ever Canon Powershot in 2008. (I can't remember the model anymore)
So in a nutshell, Canon is there to capture every moment of my life. As I grow old, I would definitely want to relive these experiences once again by just looking at the wonderful photos. I am just so glad that Canon has been there to capture it all.

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