Sunday, December 16, 2012


Who would have thought that there's a bad side to shopping? After all, it's therapeutic. That's what I was thinking for the past two years. I am so exhausted with work, especially with the travelling part (I spend about 3-4 hours each day travelling from home to work and vice versa), plus there's the pressure to earn big, get promoted, etc. So I felt that indulging myself once in a while is no biggie. Come to think of it, I deserve it.

But once in a while became a regular thing. Whenever I feel a bit sad or exhausted, I eat out. And I don't eat out just anywhere. It has to be somewhere good to make me feel better. I became a regular at TGI Friday's (my favorite restaurant) and my dad no longer pays for the bill (except when we go out for family dinners). And shopping on a good mood is also a different matter. I was that careless with money that I had a loyalty card of the Bistro group, I spent more than P20k shopping at Bench, Aldo, and Charles & Keith according to the Bench Lifestyle card, my SM Advantage Card had hundreds of points (I wonder when I'll have a prestige card), and a couple other installment shopping sprees. I also had the iPad2 the very first day it was released here in the country (and now, I want an iPad mini). Yes, I bought a couple of household items (actually only one two - a fully automatic washing machine and a powerful Kitchen Aid) but I never pay for household bills, I rarely pay for groceries (I just usually pay for the junk food which also ends up going to waste since the expiration date would be long gone before I notice it again). I also gave my 86-year old grandmother a supplementary card but she only spends about a thousand or two a month(because I insist on it).

Now that I look closely at my shopping pattern (it actually looks worse now than I initially thought), I realized that I am in BIG trouble. I have tons of shoes, piles of clothes and a very satisfied tummy but I have no money! And the worst thing is, some of the clothes were worn only once and there are a few things which I haven't even worn at all.

And this is not everything. I have some living in the office, some are at my mom's place and some are hiding in the spare bedroom in proj.8.
So I now have a resolution. I will set a budget for each expense category. Let's say that I will allot 20% of my salary for my basic needs such as daily food and transportation, 30% for my shopping fund, 30% will be for my savings (bank) fund, 10% for investments like company stocks, insurance, etc and the last 10% will be my maintenance fund for salons and stuff.

I will stop buying stuff! When I bought a skagen watch, I told myself that it's my early Christmas present for myself and I'll stop shopping. Then came the Bench group of companies sale and I can't resist Charles & Keith. Then came Cebu Pacific's seat sale and I just had to book a flight. And then the old mixer just gave up, I decided to get my dream mixer.

But really, from now on, I'll practice self control. In fact, I will not dip into my other bank account this Christmas season. I will just budget my 13th month pay and I hope I can buy presents for everyone.

I do hope I can stick with this plan. I'll write an update post after six months and let's see if I'm able to comply with this resolution. I'll start by January since I still have credit card bills to pay since I just had a mini shopping escapade, plus I had a short vacation a couple of weeks ago.

Good luck to me! Ciao!

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