Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Journey to Good Health

Hello, hello, hello! It's been a gazillion years since I wrote anything. I just had so much on my plate these past few years and sadly, I also lost the drive to write (although I wrote a couple of times for ThoughtCatalog for my hugot and sad pieces. Sorry I neglected my own space.) So I am back for reals this time.

And for my comeback post, I decided to write about health since I wanted to do something about my health since like forever. With everything going on and having a VERY sedentary lifestyle, I've gained so much weight to the point that I now have PCOS (still have to go back to my doctor for final confirmation and diagnosis though). Now, I've set my mind that I really have to do something about this. And looking good by shedding those excess pounds would definitely be a bonus (pero gandang ganda pa rin ako sa sarili ko now. charot!)

So come and join me as I document my journey to good health. Next post will be about my 3-day juice detox. :)


A fit, healthy body-- that is the best fashion statement.
- Jess C. Scott

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