Friday, March 7, 2014

Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz

Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?

I couldn't be happier that I am an impulse buyer. Thank goodness! Because of this, I bought tickets to the musical of the season - Wicked. And indeed, it was like one short day in the emerald city. Every centavo was definitely worth it.

Jemma Rix (Elphaba) truly defied gravity. Her character was funny and she was beautiful in her own witchy way. And I loved Suzie Mathers' (Glinda) quirkiness, vanity and enthusiasm. My favorite scene aside from Defying Gravity was Popular. <3

The songs were beautiful and catchy. I actually listen to the soundtrack day and night even if it's already been days since I watched the show. Of course, I am that impressed as I am the girl who can break glass when I sing. I'm limited that way.

I am now enlightened how the scarecrow and the tin man came about. It was tragic but inevitable. Unfortunately, my curiosity about the lion was not satisfied. I wonder where the lion with no courage came from. Hmm.

Overall, I loved that the musical was funny, sad and happy in different parts. I somehow pity Glinda and I now understand how Elphaba became the Wicked Witch of the West. I also find Nessa's story unfortunate. Imagine, she was a cripple all her life and when she could finally walk, Boq left her and Dorothy's house squished her! And that's not all, she was also labelled the Wicked Witch of the East. How sad.

And since I left the theater on a high and I can't get over the wonderful wonderful play, I googled everything I wanted to know about it. I am probably the only person who doesn't know that Idina Menzel was the original Elphaba! And guess who Glinda was? It's Kristin Chenoweth. Who? I remember her from Pushing Daisies and Glee and I was like "who is she?". My cousin replied that "she's a good broadway actress and she could definitely sing". And she's right. I have the soundtrack from the original cast and she was amazing in that tiny high-pitched voice that she has.

Now, I know why Wicked is pop-u-ler. And I feel that because of this play, I have been changed for good.

If this musical comes to your country, you should definitely watch it. It's something you wouldn't want to miss.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Starting Over Again

Finally! It's about time a Filipino film has a  "love team" that did not end up together. I hoped that Marco and Ginny would not get back together, and they didn't (yey!). Not having that 'happily ever after' with an ex does not mean you never loved at all. Eh yung relate na relate ako sa film and feeling ko may halong Marco and Ginny ako!

The movie was actually a mix of comedy and drama. I was alternately laughing and crying buckets of tears and I think those near me probably thought I've gone crazy. Or maybe not because they were probably doing the same. Toni Gonzaga never ceases to amaze me. Her humor, facial expressions and tiny quirks made Ginny a very entertaining character. Damn her long legs and smooth skin even if the camera was up close! Clap, clap, clap for Toni's stylist and makeup artist. I fell in love with her shoes!!! And boy oh boy, I was never a Piolo Pascual fan but this movie made my legs weak. He's just so perfect in his imperfect ways. Gwapo pa!

Basta, isa lang masasabi ko. If you haven't seen the movie, better watch it now!

Starting Over Again 625x410 

Here are some quotes from the movie that stuck with me:

"If you insist, how can I resist?"

"I will do everything it takes to bring you back. I will never lose hope that we will have our second chance."

"What you don't know won't hurt you."

"Dahil nung iniwan mo si Marco, binigyan mo siya ng karapatan na mag-mahal ng iba."

"Yang hope na yan. Lason yan. Parang drugs na nakaka-adik."

"Adik ka na naman sa pag-asa eh. Try mo na kaya lumaklak ng realidad?"

"I was willing to wait... Kaya lang napagod ako. Napagod ang puso ko na maghintay, magtanong, magalit."

“I don’t know. I can never unlove you. I’ll just love you in a different way now.”

“My love is bigger than your failures.”

"Para maging buo tayo ulit."

Note: Some quotes from