Friday, March 29, 2013

25 Things I Learned in my 25 Years of Existence

It's that time of the year when I get a year older again. For the past couple of years, I am not that ecstatic when it comes to my birthday. Other birthday parties I can enjoy but there's a certain bitterness and sadness I feel when it's my birthday. Weird, right? And what an awesome thing that my birthday this year landed right smack on a Good Friday. All establishments are closed when all I want is some quiet time and a spa break. Geez, now I'm forced to do some reflections. And I guess this is what the universe is asking from me.

There is no need to dread my birthday. I've been so pressured about coming short with my accomplishments that I panic when I realize that I'm turning a year older and I'm not moving forward. But the thing is, I've come a long way already. The pressure I've been feeling is coming from me and no longer from my dad. My dad made it clear that I can do anything I want at my own pace, in my own way. So now that it's the holy week and everything, I realized that I should stop moping and enjoy my birthday, after all, I'm quarter of a century already (oops, that made me sound ancient).

I originally intended to do something worthwhile to mark my 25th birthday. I wanted to do something good and charitable with an orphanage or something. But I was so busy I barely had the time to breathe, what more to brew a plan. So I guess I'm just taking this time to reflect on the things I achieved and be thankful with everything I have.

25 Things I Learned in my 25 Years of Existence
  1. Family will always be family - No matter how big an argument we have and no matter how big the rift is, my family will always be there. Maybe, not physically there but I will always end up with them. After all, they are irreplaceable. And imagine, at this age, I still call my mom whenever I stub my toe or I have a bleeding wound on me or when my hyperacidity is raging like crazy.
  2. Lessons can be learned from games - Example: Candy Crush. I can say patience and perseverance are the key lessons I learned from Candy Crushing. I'm sure many will agree with me. Haha. (Warning: side effects include addiction and candy dreams)
  3.  Forgiveness will set you free - I kept asking myself a hundred million times how to do this thing called forgiveness. Time helped me and eventually it just happened. And believe me, I feel a whole lot lighter when I did forgive.
  4. Comparing with others will only make you miserable - I was miserable and it did me no good. Remember, there are always people better out there than you are. But this should not stop you from doing your best, just stop comparing notes.
  5. Retail therapy may sound fun and relaxing but it's one big headache - So I'm feeling a little down now so I do a little bit of shopping here and there.  And after a couple of weeks, I ask myself why I bought Ray Ban sunnies or a Skagen watch only to watch it sitting pretty on the dresser. And then I get bill shock when I get my bill (not a pretty picture).
  6. Pets are a gift from heaven - They will be there for you when you're happy, sad and even crazy. Even if they don't feel like it but I just need someone to cuddle or tease, they will stay by your side. So when they have to return to heaven, we have to let go so they can fly back to heaven.
  7. Learn how to be comfortable on your own - I'm a social type of person and I always want company. But it's also nice to be on my own sometimes. I should not depend on other people to make me happy, to give me what I want, etc.
  8.  I may have tons of friends but I only have a handful I can trust - My highschool girls are included in this handful lot. I know if my world crashed down on me, I could run to them. After all, they've seen all the crazy phases of my life.
  9. Love is not always romantic - It's not always about candlelit dinners or a bunch of roses. Sometimes, it's just sitting in front of the TV watching the latest TV series (from One Tree Hill to The Vampire Diaries). 
  10. Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend - not! - My grandmother gave me her cheapest (I guess) rock and it made me feel really pretty and all. But really, how can a rock show who you really are? It's just an ornament. Thanks lola, it just made me realize that I'm not that materialistic.
  11. All actions have either consequences or rewards - This is pretty basic. Whether it's as simple as being glued to a book and barely having enough sleep, or munching on that Lay's salt and vinegar chips and suffering dysmennorhea, just make sure that you won't be having regrets.
  12. Time is gold - Trust me, this is one thing I should have valued a long time ago. But no regrets. Time is indeed gold so get your butt moving and stop lazing around the couch.
  13. Your birthday will always be remembered as long as there's Facebook. Thank you to all those who greeted especially those who remembered without the reminder from Facebook. Love you all!
  14. Love yourself but not in a vain narcissistic way. It is important that we realize the value of ourselves. If we love ourselves, others will follow suit. (Affirmation: I am love, I am lovable, I am loving.)
  15. Highschool will always be fun, college wild and life as a yuppy is far from my expectations! See for yourself :)
  16. Your school or university will not define who you are. It helps to come from one of the top schools but hardwork and determination are needed to survive the corporate jungle.
  17. Having a good working relationship with the bosses is a very good thing. It keeps me motivated, inspired and happy. Who wants a screaming boss who will throw you to the hyenas? Thank God my bosses are tame (but strict).
  18. It is not practical to wear three-inch stilletos while riding the MRT. Be ready to take a cab and pay more than half of your salary of the day to the cab driver. :(
  19. Some things just simply end. Friendships, relationships, TV series. The only thing we can do is reminisce. So cherish the people and stuff we have right now while we still have them!
  20. Saving is important!!! It's important to be liquid enough so I have money to spend in case an emergency came up (I hope not), or an impulse adventure will be taken. We'll never know when we'll need cash.
  21. Learning is a never-ending process. We learn from our parents, from our teachers, from our bosses, from our friends, from books, from the internet, everywhere. Take the opportunity and learn!
  22. Don't expect! Expectations are bound to ruin everything. Just go with the flow and be happy.
  23. Heartache is inevitable. Crying a river and drinking won't ease the pain but it will help.
  24. Taylor Swift rocks! I've been a Taylor Swift fan ever since her first single came out. I don't care how many boys she dated or how many rumors people throw at her, I love her!
  25. Ryan Gosling is the hottest guy ever. Nuff said. (Well, there's Chris Hemsworth as well.)
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And I'm sure I learned more than those but these are the ones I thought of right away. Well, number 25 more or less belongs on the top of the list.

Ciao! Now, I'll enjoy the last few hours of my birthday!


God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.

The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday.
~Paris Hilton

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Environment-Friendly Deposit System

My brand sponsored the Ateneo Blue Roast last night and I was amazed that there were no disposable plates, cups and utensils AT ALL. They had this deposit system where you will pay P20 and they will provide you with a tupperware and utensils. For the glasses, it's P10 each.

They had a booth where you get the stuff or you may just get it directly from the concessionaires. After eating, you will return the soiled stuff to the booth and they will return your money. How cool is that?

I asked my brother if this is the practice in the Ateneo cafeteria as well and he said the system is similar although it's a bit different.

This should serve as a good example for all cafeterias and food courts. With this, operators won't have to worry about stolen utensils and at the same time, the use of disposable eating utensils and boxes or styros can be eliminated.

My pasta dinner

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Suicide and Education

I'm so tired of hearing the people and the news making comments about the suicide incident of Kristel Tejada. Come on, people are making such a big deal about it. Yes, it was shocking and the UP education has indeed become expensive but do you really have to blame UP? I'm not defending my alma mater or whatever but blaming UP because of her death is just wrong. IT IS NOT the school's fault she committed suicide. Each and everyone of us are in control of our own actions even if we cannot control others. Some students even suffer a graver fate than hers. But do you see these students killing themselves one by one? No.

I just hope that this incident will really get some action from UP to revise the STFAP. It's sad that a tragedy had to occur before necessary revisions were done.

Plus, a greater budget for education would definitely help these supposedly 'iskolars ng bayan'.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I love you Ozzy!

So I was super sad last night (well, until today) that I wrote a very emotional blog in the wee hours of the morning using Blogger on my phone. Guess what? I got so exhausted afterwards that I was not able to press the save button. And now, it's gone!!!

So Ozzy went to heaven yesterday. When my mom called me to tell me the news, I was so shocked that I could not help but burst into tears in public. I was initially mad and upset because my parents did not tell me that Ozzy got sick. Had I known about this, I would have brought her to a vet friend's clinic. Yes, she was brought to a vet, but it was probably a lousy one - she died. I wouldn't mind paying for the tests and medicines and all other expenses if she was only given a chance to live. Today is supposed to be her return check-up to the vet, and she just had to go yesterday. :(

Ozzy was a black labrador given to us by my ninang. Ozzy initially lived in a condo where noisy animals were not allowed so she had to be debarked. I guess this fact alone already made me Ozzy's champion, it made me want her to be treated in a special way. I always brought home treats and I taught her how to sit when given the command.  She especially liked those huge rawhides and it was her challenge to get to the core first before eating the outer part. I found it a bit weird but at the same time I was delighted because she was special in her own way. I even bugged and begged my parents to let Ozzy stay inside the house even if I knew it was out of the question.

There was a point last night that I was so mad with my parents. I felt like they did not give Ozzy the best care they could give. They showered Nanuk, my brother's mini pin, more favors. And since Nanuk is a small dog, he had the privilege of living inside the house. 

Having a dog is not just about having an animal to feed and bathe. Since animals cannot talk, it is our responsibility, as owners to make sure that our pets are healthy. Regular tests and vitamins, or whatever, are needed to ensure that they are in tip-top shape. Being weak is not the only sign pets are sick. Sometimes, they act totally normal but there is something going on already in the inside. It's no use blaming my parents. They are also mourning with our loss. I should also have done the things I could - like getting Ozzy and taking care of her the way I want to. But what's done is done. I know I'll get over this but please, let me grieve. Give me the time to be sad. After all Ozzy is my other baby.

For my dear Ozzy, have fun in heaven. You can run with the wind, play with other dogs and have a feast. Say hi to Jemima and Fatso for me!

"Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, 
and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day."
~ Josh Grogan

"I look at life as a gift of God. Now that He wants it back I have no right to complain."
~ Joyce Cary