Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Environment-Friendly Deposit System

My brand sponsored the Ateneo Blue Roast last night and I was amazed that there were no disposable plates, cups and utensils AT ALL. They had this deposit system where you will pay P20 and they will provide you with a tupperware and utensils. For the glasses, it's P10 each.

They had a booth where you get the stuff or you may just get it directly from the concessionaires. After eating, you will return the soiled stuff to the booth and they will return your money. How cool is that?

I asked my brother if this is the practice in the Ateneo cafeteria as well and he said the system is similar although it's a bit different.

This should serve as a good example for all cafeterias and food courts. With this, operators won't have to worry about stolen utensils and at the same time, the use of disposable eating utensils and boxes or styros can be eliminated.

My pasta dinner

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