Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Hope of A New Year

People are probably tired of hearing the same old shit, "new year, new me" and the like. I know it sometimes get on our nerves but some people need the new year to believe in themselves more, to give them hope. I know, I know, you can change for the better anytime but the new year is symbolic for lots of people. It is officially the start of a new year and some people feel like they have a clean slate for the year. So let's give those people a break, including me, and let's all be joyful as we welcome 2015.

So this year, I'm not gonna write about my new year's resolutions nor am I gonna post a list of quotes. I'll just keep this post brief.

Year In Review:

  • I was an ugly mess throughout 2014. But the thing is, wounds heal and people heal. I never thought that my heart would be on the mend but yes, it got better in time. 
  • A handful of people saw me at my worst, and yet, here they are, still beside me. I will be forever grateful to the people who stood by me and never judged me. They understood that I had to do what I had to do.
  • Quitting my job at that point in time and starting my MBA was probably the best decision I made despite the separation anxiety I had from being a workaholic and the tremendous adjustment of studying again.
  • I also met a lot of new friends this year. I met my MBA friends, my Antiteasis friends, and rekindled my friendship with a few others.
  • My relationship with my family is back to normal with all the arguments and discussions. Of course, I'm once again present in all outings and gatherings and all the family chaos.
  • I lost the best mother in the world. I surely miss my lola but I'm sure she's smiling in heaven. 
  • And the most important realization for me still comes down to love. It's a surprise that I can still love. I thought that I turned into someone very cold and hard. But despite my walls and my list of rules, I'm still capable of loving people.

So whatever comes my way this 2015, I know I can survive it. I've been through the worst, so whatever the universe throws at me, I know the universe believes I can handle. But hey, this is not a challenge, please be a little gentle with me this coming year. And yes, I'm also hopeful this coming year. I know that greater things are bound to happen. Cheers! :)

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