Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2013 New Year's Resolution

So another year has passed. Who would have thought that 2012 would pass by so quickly? I used to count the months by counting my paydays as I look forward to it every month. Next thing I know, it's already December.

Here are some of the things I want to do or my resolutions for the coming year:
  • Be thrifty and save X amount every month. This would be a challenge since I now have investments + installments to think of.
  • Go somewhere I've never been to before. I already have planned trips to Davao and Singapore this 2013 but I want to breathe new air and see new sights. I wonder where it will be.
  • Kick-start the mini-venture with my highschool friends.
  • Go out for a jog at least twice a week (if that's not possible, I have to burn calories with the stationary bike)
  • Have more time in the kitchen to bake. At least one new creation per month.
  • Spend my 25th birthday doing something worthwhile.
  • REALLY learn how to drive (in a public road with lots of cars)
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day


Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Ramblings

So this holiday season got me realizing a few things. But what caught my attention was that I've been worrying and panicking so much that finding myself not being able to breathe is a load of crap. And it's all about nonsense things. Well, maybe not all-nonsense but I shouldn't worry about those stuff so I won't be that uptight, too serious girl anymore.

For one, I've been worried about my company not recognizing my efforts, I've been suffocated by my salary not being enough, I've been eaten by the green-eyed monster when I see my younger siblings' accomplishments, and their friends as well. I look at my friends with their babies and how their life looks so complete. But you know what? Nothing is perfect. I've been driving myself insane for what? I want to snag that perfect job with the ginormous salary and have a perfect loving partner. But really, for what? So I can relax after doing all those things (my so-called goals) and enjoy life. But who says I can't do that now? I don't need to be on top of the world to enjoy what I have now.

Another thing was I got to stop comparing! Sometimes, it's difficult to do it but not everyone is in the same situation, same circumstances, etc. I was actually surprised when my friends pointed out that I already did so much. It made me feel like a pig to be complaining about feeling stuck when my friends' concerns were about finding a job and other more serious stuff. 

The bottom line is to be thankful for everything I have. Yes, I know I am grateful to You for all my blessings but I got to let go and stop noticing other stuff that will meddle with my thoughts and make me feel like I'm not doing enough. I mean, how many more overtime hours do I want and how many more times do I want to feel overfatigue before I cut myself some slack? So from now on, I will be that merry little girl who will embrace life and be more mature, considering I'm turning a quarter of a century next year (sounds old, huh?). No need to be antsy about turning 25 since there is no need to hurry, no need to feel pressured and the "finish line" is still far ahead and there is so much time to accomplish the things I have in mind.

Bye all BVs and welcome all GVs! Thank You for 2012 and bring it on 2013.

Monday, December 24, 2012


We wish you a very merry Christmas!
With love and joy from me and Shakti!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Who would have thought that there's a bad side to shopping? After all, it's therapeutic. That's what I was thinking for the past two years. I am so exhausted with work, especially with the travelling part (I spend about 3-4 hours each day travelling from home to work and vice versa), plus there's the pressure to earn big, get promoted, etc. So I felt that indulging myself once in a while is no biggie. Come to think of it, I deserve it.

But once in a while became a regular thing. Whenever I feel a bit sad or exhausted, I eat out. And I don't eat out just anywhere. It has to be somewhere good to make me feel better. I became a regular at TGI Friday's (my favorite restaurant) and my dad no longer pays for the bill (except when we go out for family dinners). And shopping on a good mood is also a different matter. I was that careless with money that I had a loyalty card of the Bistro group, I spent more than P20k shopping at Bench, Aldo, and Charles & Keith according to the Bench Lifestyle card, my SM Advantage Card had hundreds of points (I wonder when I'll have a prestige card), and a couple other installment shopping sprees. I also had the iPad2 the very first day it was released here in the country (and now, I want an iPad mini). Yes, I bought a couple of household items (actually only one two - a fully automatic washing machine and a powerful Kitchen Aid) but I never pay for household bills, I rarely pay for groceries (I just usually pay for the junk food which also ends up going to waste since the expiration date would be long gone before I notice it again). I also gave my 86-year old grandmother a supplementary card but she only spends about a thousand or two a month(because I insist on it).

Now that I look closely at my shopping pattern (it actually looks worse now than I initially thought), I realized that I am in BIG trouble. I have tons of shoes, piles of clothes and a very satisfied tummy but I have no money! And the worst thing is, some of the clothes were worn only once and there are a few things which I haven't even worn at all.

And this is not everything. I have some living in the office, some are at my mom's place and some are hiding in the spare bedroom in proj.8.
So I now have a resolution. I will set a budget for each expense category. Let's say that I will allot 20% of my salary for my basic needs such as daily food and transportation, 30% for my shopping fund, 30% will be for my savings (bank) fund, 10% for investments like company stocks, insurance, etc and the last 10% will be my maintenance fund for salons and stuff.

I will stop buying stuff! When I bought a skagen watch, I told myself that it's my early Christmas present for myself and I'll stop shopping. Then came the Bench group of companies sale and I can't resist Charles & Keith. Then came Cebu Pacific's seat sale and I just had to book a flight. And then the old mixer just gave up, I decided to get my dream mixer.

But really, from now on, I'll practice self control. In fact, I will not dip into my other bank account this Christmas season. I will just budget my 13th month pay and I hope I can buy presents for everyone.

I do hope I can stick with this plan. I'll write an update post after six months and let's see if I'm able to comply with this resolution. I'll start by January since I still have credit card bills to pay since I just had a mini shopping escapade, plus I had a short vacation a couple of weeks ago.

Good luck to me! Ciao!

Patio Pacific Boracay

Research fail. I just booked at Patio Pacific Boracay since I thought I had a pretty good deal. I forgot to check if it was a beachfront hotel. It was not. The location may not be ideal but they had great facilities. The staff were friendly, the meals we had were hefty in size (well, maybe except for breakfast), especially the lunch and dinner, the rooms were clean and comfortable and the place was relaxing. Patio Pacific also had a pool, a gym and a wall for wall climbing. The package that we got also had transfers included so we just had to sit back and relax the moment we arrived at the Caticlan Airport.

Since the hotel is about a minute away from the beach, I got a bit lazy to go for a swim in the sea. I had to lug around my beach bag with my towel and other stuff like money and shades. But still, the location was  pretty good since once you reach the sand, you are in the heart of the hustle and the bustle of Boracay. This is so far my nearest check-in near the busy section of the Boracay stretch (The farthest was in Sur Beach Resort near Friday's). Not bad!

The only drawback of Patio Pacific was that the restaurant and bar closes early. So when I got hungry in the middle of the night, we really had to go out and by that time (almost 2am I guess), almost all the restaurants were closed already. We had to trek all the way to station 3 for my fix of McDonald's (super layo pala ng station 3!).

Overall, my experience was very relaxing. So relaxed that I wanted to sleep most of the time and lounge by the pool and take a nap. Hahaha. Hey, I'm not that old! Before my trip I just had a grueling week at work which caused me to skip on my beauty sleep. Lol.

The building with the hotel lobby

Welcome "lei"/ seashells

Pineapple and pandan welcome drinks. A bit weird at first but yummy.

The path going to the beach.


Dinner. (I forgot to put the photo of the soup!)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

UP Lantern Parade

Bilang ako ay dating Iska ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, naisip ko gumawa ng isang nilalaman (content/entry) na ang lenggwahe ay Filipino. Nawari ko na isa pala itong mahirap na gawain pero pwede naman gumamit ng mga hiram na salita, tama?

At ngayon, hindi ko na alam kung paano pa ito itutuloy. Hahaha. Biro lang, akin pa ring susubukan.

Ngayon ay ang 'Lantern Parade' ng UP. Talagang nagpaalam pa ako sa aking opisina kung pwede akong umuwi ng maaga ngayong araw. Buti naman at pumayag ang aking napakabait na manager.

Dahil maaga pa lang ay nasa UP na ako, napag-pasyahan ko na dumaan muna sa bahay ng aking mga magulang. Laking tuwa ko nang makita ko ang walong tuta na tuwang tuwa ako makita. Siyempre, nandun pa rin si Ozzy, ang aking paboritong black lab, at si Nanuk, ang mini pinscher ng aking kapatid.

Nung papunta na ako sa Quezon Hall, sumama sa'kin si Nanuk at laking takot ko at ng iba pang tao nung siya ay tumakbo at muntikan pang masagasaan. Salamat at wala naman nangyaring masama kundi magagalit na naman sa'kin ang buong pamilya ko.

Nakarating din naman ako sa Quezon Hall ng maaga-aga at marami rin kaming nakitang mga kolehiyo na dumaan sa aming harapan. Pagdating ng alas-8, napakarami nang tao. Napagod na rin kami at nagpasya kaming umuwi na. Narito ang ilan sa mga larawang aking nakuha. Paumanhin kung hindi gaanong maganda ang kalidad ng mga litrato dahil gamit ko lamang ang camera ng aking Blackberry.

UP College of Human Kinetics

UP Alumni Association

The crowd at 5:45PM

The crowd at 5:45PM

UP College of Arts and Letters

with someone from the UP College of Arts and Letters

UP College of Arts and Letters

UP College of Education

UP Integrated School

uhm, I forgot what the Tamaraw is, FEU? Joke!


UP Asian Institute of Tourism

UP Asian Institute of Tourism

UP College of Home Economics

UP College of Engineering

UP College of Mass Communication

The crowd by 7pm

The crowd by 7pm

UP Open University

Students of Destiny (parang isa sila sa pinaka-magastos. Isang truck para sa "float" at isang truck para sa malaking generator.

Ayos ba? Feeling ko ang dating ko ay may pagka-makata at hindi natural na ganito ako makipag-usap. Hahaha. At least masasabi kong sinubukan ko. (Mahirap talaga. Dito ako nag-nosebleed!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My 2012 Christmas Wish List

Yes, I know, Christmas is just two weeks away and most people have already shopped for their gifts. But for those who still have no idea what to give me, especially to my "mommy" or "daddy" in the exchange gift, here are some suggestions. And by the way, I just got a Kitchen Aid last Sunday so you can now cross it off your gift ideas. Hahaha.


White Musk Libertine Eau De Parfum

What else? Hmm. Looks like there's nothing else I need or want. It's difficult to think of things that I want others to give me but when I go to malls, I want everything I see. Haha. So anything I receive will be appreciated. Even a kiss from my baby Shakti will be enough. :)