Monday, January 26, 2015

Drama Revisited: I Need To Forget You Now So I Can Remember You With Love

I wrote this (the article below) exactly a year ago and I was actually surprised when I saw this in my old flash drive a few weeks ago. The girl who wrote the piece below is already gone. And the funny thing is, so many people are asking me now how to move on, what should they do and so on. Hey, just because I had my heart broken doesn't mean I'm an expert. I guess my takeaway from people asking me such questions is that I look great now - as if I never carried the weight of the world on my shoulders.

And the only thing I tell people who wants answers is that, as cliche as it may sound, time indeed heals all wounds. And guess what the next question is. How long would it take them to move on? There's no definite time or a standard as to how long a person gets over someone. It may be a week for someone, a year for another one, or a decade for some (Jusme, thank you it didn't take me a decade!).

And my afterthought (a year later) from this article is no, you don't remember that person with any kind of love at all. Yes, you may remember all the happy times together but there wouldn't be any trace of love anymore. No friendly kind of love and definitely no romantic love. And since the love is already gone, there's also no more pain. It's like you're finally free. That's when you know you have already moved on.

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January 26, 2014

I thought the crying fest was already over. How wrong was I. I was only given a reprieve from all those sleepless nights and endless sobbing. The universe probably thought I needed a break. I actually felt strong and I was relieved that I am finally moving on. Turns out it was just a momentary lapse. I was pitched right into the gates of hell once again. The pain is unbearable. I’m wishing it to stop. I want it to stop. But it doesn’t.

Seeing you again and hoping that we could be friends was the end of me. I thought I was strong enough that I could handle you. I thought I could control my emotions around you. Still, after so many months, I still love you with every fiber of my being. I love you and I’m willing to forgive you for all the hurt you have caused me. But the thing is, even if I love you with all of me, I no longer have you. You’re far gone already and there’s nothing I can do to make you come back to me.

All the months that I worked hard to fix myself went out the window. Just an hour with you could do that to me. I feel like my heart could explode with my love for you. And when it explodes, all the fragments will be scattered on the floor, unwanted. And there’s just this hollow ache in my chest.

It feels like the love and the happy memories we had just ended yesterday. The pain is as fresh as the first day I found out you no longer love me. And yet, it’s been months already. People no longer understand why I still feel this way. I myself no longer understand why I’m still like this. And I’m starting to get worried. I don’t want the years to pass by with me still loving you and you not loving me back. Sometimes, I just want to forget. I need to forget.

And in order to forget I must pick up the bricks one by one and lay it one on top of other, side by side, until I can no longer see our history. I cannot see you or anything that reminds me of you. I need to build this wall to protect my present from my past. In order to move forward, I need to set my sights on the horizon, with what is yet to come. 

I just hope that one day, I will be ready to look beyond the wall and remember. To be able to remember with love (no longer the romantic love), without that lancing pain and without breaking down will be the greatest gift of the universe.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Somewhere new for 2014: Bangui and Pagudpud

I made it my goal in 2014 that I should go somewhere new every year. I thought that this should be an easy feat since I've been everywhere since after graduation. Come first week of December 2014 and I still haven't been anywhere new! Good thing we had an Ilocos trip scheduled before Christmas (I actually just tagged along). Now, I've been to both Vigan and Laoag before but I've never been up, up north. So hello Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud. 

I was really impressed with the windmills because they were GIGANTIC. And it's so amazing that they can generate power. The wind was so strong the waves were actually big and scary. Sand was also flying everywhere so taking photos was a challenge. I had to tie my hair because loose hair = chaos. 

Pagudpud was an ok beach for me. Coron still tops my list. Debris was along the beach although there were staff cleaning the shore from time to time. Didn't take a dip in the sea though as the water was very, very, very cold. According to the locals, it's the amihan season for November-December that's why it was so windy and extremely cold. I also got to try the zipline which really scared me (if you read my previous posts or if you know me well enough, you'll know that I'm TERRIFIED of heights). But it was really worth it. A portion of the zipline was above a forest on the side of the cliff and then the rest is above the ocean. It was marvelous and I really felt like flying (for a minute only since the experience was very fast).

Taken with an iPhone 6 plus. Love the colors.

This photo and all succeeding photos taken with a Samsung S5. 

Super windy. My hair was flying everywhere.


Zipline which scared the bejesus out of me.


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Friday, January 9, 2015

Where We Stayed in Laoag: Java Hotel

I've stayed in Java Hotel twice already. Once in my 2013 trip and my most recent stay was last December. The hotel had spacious rooms and I was really happy about it. The rooms were clean but toiletries available depend on the room type. Our room did not come with a toothbrush but it had four sets of hand soaps. And the hotel restaurant serves the best pinakbet I've ever tasted. I even ate the eggplant and okra, which I normally hate. Overall, I liked our stay in Java Hotel. Except for...

On our way to Pagudpud, which is way up north, a staff called my number and asked if we still have one room key with us. So ok, we forgot to turn over one of the keys but I got a bit frustrated with her since she wanted us to go back right then and there to return the key. I told her that we'll return the key the next day since we will also pass by Laoag on our way back to Manila. She was a bit adamant about policies and such but hey, there's nothing else we could do about it now. We will not waste two hours just to go back to the hotel and then resume our trip. I had to ask if I can talk to her manager before she agreed that we can return the key the following day. Had we been on our way back to Manila by then, we definitely would not return the key. After all, it's the negligence of the staff that they forgot to ask for the key since we were sitting in the parking lot for more than 30 minutes after checking out.

Other than the room key incident, I would definitely recommend this hotel to travelers. The hotel also has a small pool, a tennis court and a gym. They also have a common area where guests can hang out while enjoying the evening breeze.

And oh, when in Laoag, don't forget to visit the sinking bell tower in the city. :) 


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” 
– Anonymous