Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Last night was a surprise. I normally don't enjoy ktv bars. For people who know me, I don't sing in public. Trust me when I say that it's better if I just watch and sing in the background.

So after day 1 of the strategic planning, the whole office went to Music 21 for a celebration. Lo and behold, when some of the managers went home early, all hell broke loose. Or rather, everyone loosened up. And guess what? I started singing. I didn't have a care in the world if I was off-key. We just sang 'til our throats were sore and we danced like there's no tomorrow. We were so into the moment that we accidentally broke at least three bottles of beer.

I am so glad that I finally have a fond experience singing karaoke. So girls, when is our next gimik?

<Sorry for all the cam whoring>

Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Breaking Dawn For Me

I am probably one of the very few who turned down free movie passes to Breaking Dawn Part 2. My company, Wacoal, sponsored a block screening on its first day. For weeks, I had to coordinate with Nuffnang for this event. Thankfully, I was not the one in-charge of everything. I just had to think of the popcorn and drinks, the ticket allocation for the employees, the raffle for the bloggers and the booth for the event.

So why do I refuse to see the movie despite the free tickets, us sponsoring the screening, me working on the opening night, and practically everyone watching the much talked-about movie? Well, I read the book. As simple as that. I fell in love with my Edward while reading Twilight and Robert Pattinson did not do justice to the character in terms of looks (what do I know about his acting, I did not watch any of the Twilight movies).

I was a sappy teenager when I read the series so I was pretty much kilig then. I think I'll still be. One of these days, I'll read Twilight again so I can conjure my version of Edward once again.

To those who will watch the movie, enjoy! I'm not telling you to not watch the movie or the movie sucks but this is just my reason why nobody can persuade me to go to the cinemas with for this.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Credit Cards 101

Citibank. BDO. HSBC. RCBC Bankard. East West. Visa. Mastercard. JCB. Amex.

I had my first ever credit card two years ago under my name. Yey, I no longer had to rely on daddy's supplementary card anymore - not.

I thought having credit cards was easy.
Desirable (desire and buy - hahaha)

But I found out that it's not.

You need to be careful as you need to make sure that everything is correct. Make sure you sign the charge slip with the correct amount. And when making online purchases, double check everything before pressing the pay button.

Responsibility is very important when having a credit card. It's such an embarassing situation if someone calls your office asking you to pay your bills. Believe me, the collectors are heartless people. Not that they ever looked for me since I ALWAYS pay my bills in full.

And yes, having a wallet filled with credit cards can be distracting. If there's a sale in a mall I happen to visit, impulse shopping is my greatest weakness. And keeping track of how much I charged into each card gives me a migraine.

So here are a few tips on how to attain and maintain a credit card.
  • I got my BDO credit card a couple of months after I opened an account with them. It's also my most useful and friendly credit card.
  • Don't pay for annual fees (unless you're super happy with the services and perks of that card). Credit card companies usually give the first year of membership free. For the succeeding years, ask them if they could waive the fee. Usually, there's a minimum purchase required (for BDO, you need to charge at least P9,000 on the last three months before your card expires) or you just need a good credit standing.
  • Always pay in full (if you can). Interest rates range from 3% to 3.5% a month. I tried not paying in full before just to see how it goes. So my total bill was P13,000, I paid P8,000 and they charged me P800 - that's a pair of shoes on sale! After that, I made sure that I pay up to the last centavo (I sometimes pay an excess of P20-P50 depending on the total). A good credit standing can take you places, and I heard you can easily get a loan should you need one in the future.
  • It's nice to know that you can make a purchase and be billed for it after a couple of months or pay for it in 6 months or a year. But remember that when you do that, you consume a portion of your credit limit. Let's say your limit is P20,000 and you go on a shopping spree and spend P12,000 payable in 6 months, by the end of the billing period, assuming that you did not buy anything else, you only have P8,000 to spend. And let's say you already paid the first month, which is P2,000, you will have P10,000 to spend for the next month. Basically, you can use your card more if you have paid the installment completely. So if let's say you made two P10,000 installment purchases, that card would be deemed irrelevant for the first few months as you cannot use it for purchase anymore. So in this case, you can only charge the amount you paid. You paid P5,000, you can charge P5,000 to the card.
  • Know the promos. There are several promos where you can get discounts of freebies. I was able to redeem over P500 worth of GCs from SM and I also got free movies (actually, just a discount of P100) and some snacks from fastfood chains. There's nothing you will lose except money if your  way of thinking is if you buy more, more freebies (guilty! But I learned from it, I'm not that crazy anymore).
  • There are many payment centers in the metro today. You can even pay for all of your bills in SM. But make sure you pay 3days before your due date as it may take some processing time for the payment to be received by your bank. However, there are several instances that I pay on my due date. And so far, no negative implications yet.
With Christmas just around the corner, and Christmas sale events on the horizon, just remember that credit cards are a good thing but it may lead to bad things. Make sure that you are the one controlling them and not the other way around.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sad Beautiful Tragic

Long handwritten note, deep in your pocket
Words, how little they mean, when you're a little too late
I stood right by the tracks, your face in a locket
Good girls, hopeful they'll be and lonely will wait

We had a beautiful magic love affair
What a sad beautiful tragic love affair

In dreams, I meet you in long conversation
We both wake in lonely beds, and different cities
And time is taking its sweet time erasing you
And you've got your demons and darling they all look like me

Cause we had a beautiful magic love affair
What a sad beautiful tragic love affair

Distance, tire me, break down, fighting
Silence, this train runs off its tracks
Kiss me, try to fix it, would you just try to listen
Hang up, give up, for the life of us we can't get it back

A beautiful magic love affair
What a sad beautiful tragic, beautiful tragic, beautiful
What we had, a beautiful magic love affair
What a sad beautiful tragic love affair
We had a beautiful magic love affair
What a sad beautiful tragic love affair

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Trip to Pancake House

Since when did the art of eating tacos became a neat activity? I have no idea why I ordered tacos when I'm dressed like a lady and all yesterday. Maybe it's because I'm craving for something from Pancake House. Maybe it's been a long time since I last had a taco. Or maybe my brain screamed "I want that" when I saw the photo.

Whatever the reason may be, I ordered the taco without a care in mind. And when it was in front of me, BOOM! How will I eat this? I tried the normal way of eating it and half of its ingredients ended up outside my plate. So I had no choice but to put it on my plate and eat it with my fork and knife. It was also challenging, trust me. But this way, most of it ended in my belly.
The Pancake House House Special Set: Macaroni Salad, Roast Chicken and Tacos

Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick or Treat: Charles and Keith

Who wouldn't want a treat on Halloween right? BDO, Bench and Bench partner stores offered a 20% discount on all regular-priced items from October 31 to November 1, 2012. Being an avid fan of Charles & Keith, I know that 20% is a big deal. After all, I see Charles & Keith shoes on sale most of the time but never the bags. Plus, their bags are durable. Aldo bags last me 4-6 months while Charles & Keith ones last me about a year, at least.

These are the two bags I bought (photos courtesy of Charles & Keith Singapore Online Store). Aren't they lovely?