Sunday, December 16, 2012

Patio Pacific Boracay

Research fail. I just booked at Patio Pacific Boracay since I thought I had a pretty good deal. I forgot to check if it was a beachfront hotel. It was not. The location may not be ideal but they had great facilities. The staff were friendly, the meals we had were hefty in size (well, maybe except for breakfast), especially the lunch and dinner, the rooms were clean and comfortable and the place was relaxing. Patio Pacific also had a pool, a gym and a wall for wall climbing. The package that we got also had transfers included so we just had to sit back and relax the moment we arrived at the Caticlan Airport.

Since the hotel is about a minute away from the beach, I got a bit lazy to go for a swim in the sea. I had to lug around my beach bag with my towel and other stuff like money and shades. But still, the location was  pretty good since once you reach the sand, you are in the heart of the hustle and the bustle of Boracay. This is so far my nearest check-in near the busy section of the Boracay stretch (The farthest was in Sur Beach Resort near Friday's). Not bad!

The only drawback of Patio Pacific was that the restaurant and bar closes early. So when I got hungry in the middle of the night, we really had to go out and by that time (almost 2am I guess), almost all the restaurants were closed already. We had to trek all the way to station 3 for my fix of McDonald's (super layo pala ng station 3!).

Overall, my experience was very relaxing. So relaxed that I wanted to sleep most of the time and lounge by the pool and take a nap. Hahaha. Hey, I'm not that old! Before my trip I just had a grueling week at work which caused me to skip on my beauty sleep. Lol.

The building with the hotel lobby

Welcome "lei"/ seashells

Pineapple and pandan welcome drinks. A bit weird at first but yummy.

The path going to the beach.


Dinner. (I forgot to put the photo of the soup!)


  1. Hi! may i know what kind of room you stayed in? is that a premier deluxe room? ^_^

    1. Hi! We just stayed in a deluxe room :)

    2. Hello! The one in the picture is the Premier Deluxe room. You might be upgraded from deluxe. :)

  2. I thought Premier deluxe rooms were the oly ones that have bathtub. It seems that yours' have one. nice. ^_^

    1. Well, our booking was just a deluxe room. I'm not sure if they did upgrade our reservation. If they did, then good for us. They did not inform us though if it was an upgrade. :)