Friday, November 1, 2013

Colorful Bricks and a Happy Heart


One of the playgrounds for kids
Oh yes, we tried the kiddie rides as well
Still cool inside the shark's mouth
After about an hour in the park, we just had to buy caps. The heat was just craaazzzyyyy!
Goofing around as we go round and round
Afternoon nap
Hello Lego people!

I braved this one - a bit bitin pa nga!

One of the interactive attractions where you have to pull the rope to go up!

Earthquake!! Can your building survive the earthquake?
Hello Petronas towers, we meet again!
More Lego characters!

So right after our visit to Universal Studios Singapore, we went to Legoland Malaysia. We were crazy about amusement parks then and we expected to have a blast in Legoland. But boy, it was very different from Universal Studios. Legoland is the land of kids. Several, if not all rides are kid-friendly.

The attractions or rides had more interactive features like pulling stuff, racing, pedalling and other stuff. There were also attractions which were exclusively for kids and there are some where an adult-kid tandem were needed. I think that these are great because not only do kids have fun, but they learn to cooperate and learn things while they play.

I particularly loved the Lego characters spread around the park. It just amazed me that small bricks can make something colorful and beautiful. Plus, these lego characters talk. I almost jumped with surprise when an old lego lady talked beside me. Looks like they had speakers inside the lego stuff.

And of course, I could not and would not resist the beck and call of the roller coasters. I rode all three coasters and believe me that even if all three were kid-friendly, I still screamed a little bit. And towards the end, we felt that the thrill was cut short. Was it because the cars were not fast enough? the ride was not steep enough? Or was it because there weren't any loops?

The only ride that we missed were the water rides since it started to drizzle. We were also not able to go around the whole of Miniland as we were so exhausted already because of the sweltering heat (the place had no roofing or covering at all!).

And oh, they had photographers all over the park. They gave us a card with a barcode and they just scanned this everytime they took our pictures. Guests have the option to have their photos printed in one of the shops.

Overall, it was a nice park but it was really meant for kids. Even if the park was open til 10, we opted to head back to Singapore at 4:30 instead of our original plan, which was 5:30.

How to get to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore:

We went to the Singapore Flyer and there's a terminal there going to Legoland Malaysia an Hello Kitty World that leaves every hour. Return trip should be scheduled in the morning. We just got lucky that there were vacant seats the bus leaving earlier than our scheduled time that's why we got to leave early.

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