Sunday, June 3, 2012

Morong, Bataan 2012

This was a family trip last April. My dad, together with some of his friends and their families arranged this getaway.

At Xtremely Xpresso in Subic

Peace and solitude

View from the top.

The ladies, well, except for Jaime.

Our very lovely hosts

Too hot for a swim, we played card games instead

The children's "room". Yes, I'm still a kid! Haha. Find me!

Full bellies

Poker time. Where are the cards?

Is that Mr. Incredible?

With the lovely house at the back

With my brother and sister

Mita holding Nanuk and a beer

Poor dog. Someone would bring him to the water, he would swim ashore. Someone sees him, bring him to the water, and he just swims back to the shore. But yeah, the city dog knows how to swim.

Happy birthday Louie! Sorry we had no other candles.

And the part where the 0 was got messed up so we're left with 5.

The house at night.

My mom

Yes, Nanuk was fed A LOT!

Jamming on the last day

Goodbye beach!

Til the next trip!

I'll post more photos this week. :)

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