Thursday, October 4, 2012

Daughter of A Teacher

I am the daughter of a teacher. I always wondered when I was younger why my mom had a boring profession. My classmates' parents were doctors, lawyers, businessmen and executives. Now, I know why I am the daughter of a teacher.

I am the daughter of a teacher. I learned how to read and write at an early stage because my mom taught me how. Even when I had a burnt hand (I accidentally touched the flat iron - I wonder why this memory is so vivid), my mom let me answer a new activity book (it's a small one with a purple cover and a picture of a pyramid) so I could forget the pain. Books were such a joy and I would always ask her to buy me a copy of the latest book from the Sweet Valley Kids series. But she would not only give me such books, she also brought home books with Newberry Awards.

I am the daughter of a teacher. We were never really that rich. It just so happened that my dad had a good job so we were well provided for. But being the daughter of a teacher, I had to learn how to be thrifty (I wonder what happened to being thrifty now?). And I  also had to understand why some of the things I want cannot be given to me all the time.

I am the daughter of a teacher. My mom chose to send me to UPIS for my big school even if I passed in Miriam and St. Bridget's. She did not even influence my decision even if my dad wanted me to go to Miriam for highschool. And I proudly chose UP as my university even if I was accepted in Ateneo.

I am the daughter of a teacher. I had lots of friends and knew kids from other sections and other levels because my mom was their teacher. Some of my current close and best friends were my mom's students - Mara, Tasha, Jessica (I met all of them when I was in kinder).

I am the daughter of a teacher. After my class, when I was in K-2, I would hang-out in my mom's classroom and watch her create room decorations. She would bring to life dinousaurs, fairies and other animals.

I am the daughter of a teacher. When I was little, until I was about 10, I participated in the teachers' dances. I played a muslim princess (most of the time), a young hip hop dancer or a young girl dancing to the songs of Cyndi Lauper.

I am the daughter of a teacher. When my mom started teaching undergrad students, my brother and I usually hung around in her classroom. There was even one time when we were doodling on the blackboard while my mom was teaching and she was wondering why her students were sniggering. After that, we were made to wait outside the classroom.

I am the daughter of a teacher. I had some shirts which were customized. I had this "I am sharp" tshirt which my mom made using the white shirt as a canvass and fabric paint as her colors. Some of our shirts were even glow in the dark. How cool is that?

I am the daughter of a teacher. I developed my study habits and I have my mom to thank for because I graduated top 4 of my highschool batch (let's not talk about college - that's an entirely different story). I learned to value my education and invest time and effort on it.

I am the daughter of MY teacher. My mom taught me a lot of things. She taught me about love, patience, and being strong willed among many others (even if we don't always see eye to eye). So mom, even if I didn't understand your quote below (joke!), I believe that you are one of the greatest teachers in and out of the classroom. 

Happy teacher's day Mommy!
I love you (even though I don't say it as often as I should).

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