Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fifty Shades of Twilight

I am one of the first few people who loved Twilight even before it became the talk of the town. So it's a bit annoying that Fifty Shades of Grey sounds too much like Twilight.

In general, the girl, who tells the story, is plain and simple. She falls for handsome, rich, hot,and "dangerous" guy. Then perfect guy tries (and wants to) avoid girl but girl simply can't stay away. Well, they both can't.

Plus, here's the nitty gritty of the similarities:

The setting is in Seattle. Well, I'm not that familiar with US geography but both have a couple of scenes, if not several, scenes in Seattle. I think Forks and Portland are also near that area.

Bella and Ana are both clumsy, talk while they sleep, have fathers doing the serve and protect shiz, have mothers who need looking after, and both can work magic in the kitchen.

Edward and Christian are both adopted,they went through a rough time, have a very loving and supportive family, drive nice cars (a Volvo and an Audi) and makes their girl the reason they live (sappy but *kilig*).

Plus, the girls fell in love with the older boy easily and in a very short time, they got married at an early age. Bella just graduated from highschool while Ana was just out of college.

Overall, Fifty Shades was a pretty ok trilogy. I could have finished reading one book per day but I was a bit nauseated by the several (the word "several" does not even cover it) sex scenes the books have. In fact, in the middle of Fifty Shades Darker, I told myself that I will count how many times Ana and Christian did the deed on book three. I never got around to counting though since I kind of forgot about it. And the story line could have fit into one pretty long book instead of cutting it into three books.

Between the two, I like Twilight better even if it has several cheesy lines. Christian's lines were mostly connected with erotic scenes and I hate how EL James used the word "murmurs" ALL THE TIME.

Universal Pictures already bought the rights to make the film. I wonder how they will run the film for two hours and what its rating would be. But most of all, who will play the hot tycoon Christian Grey?

Note: I just found out that Fifty Shades started as a fan fiction of Twilight that's why there were several similarities.

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