Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore: Part 1

This is the highlight of my trip. I love amusement parks! I love how it makes me feel like a kid again. I love how I look around in awe. I love the attractions. I even love the souvenirs.

Upon entering the park, we strategically planned what our "route" would be. We started with Far, Far Away and ended the fun and tiring visit at Jurassic Park, where there was a big possibility of getting wet.

The entrance! I was so giddy with excitement!
Hollywood Boulevard

There's not much to do on Hollywood Boulevard. Shops lined the strip and you're lucky if your timing is right and you got to meet some of the characters. We met Marilyn Monroe and Frankenstein. Marilyn was really nice, chatting with guests, hence the long line. I wonder how the real Marilyn was? Frankenstein was a bit scary. Make-up was done really good and he was creative when it comes to posing for the camera.

Check it out, the whole park is covered protecting guests from the sun and unexpected rain.
Cute popcorn truck! <3
with Marilyn Monroe
Oh no! Frankenstein got me!!!
Oh wait, Monster Rock was also a part of Hollywood Boulevard. It was a musical that runs for about an hour where scary monsters sing pop, classic and rock songs. This is something little kids must watch so they will no longer be scared of mummies, Frankenstein, the phantom, vampires, werewolves and other scary creatures.

Far Far Away

The land of Shrek and Fiona. Since we started early (a little past 10am), the lines to the attractions were very short. We tried the Enchanted Airways, which was a tiny kiddie roller coaster. And yes, I could not help myself, I hollered. LOL. Next was the Shrek in 4D. Best 4D movie I've seen. The one in Enchanted Kingdom was nothing compared to this. There was even water spraying from the seats and the "spiders" under my legs gave me the creeps.  

We skipped the Meet and Greet and Donkey Live since the Madagascar characters were already dancing their butts away.

This was one very interesting attraction. Best 4D I've been to so far.

Snapshots in Far Far Away
Magic Potion Spin: a ride for the little ones after the 4D movie
The gift shop
Outside Shrek's home. Hey, I'm not the ogre!

This area pulled us from Far Far Away with the characters' boogie dance. It was so amusing and funny we just had to have our photos taken with the characters. Click here to view a clip from my Instagram.

Aside from the Crate Adventure, there was another ride like a merry-go-round for kids.

This was one fun ride. Perfect for kiddos. But yeah, I'm a kid at heart!
I love how all attractions indicate how long the waiting time is.
Snapshots from the Crate Adventure
And they look so relaxed!


"Donkey, shh, shh. It's me... in this body."
"Oh, my God, you ate the princess!" 
- Princess Fiona and Donkey in Shrek

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