Sunday, December 9, 2012

Boracay 2012: Take Two

They say that third time's the charm. Well, this trip was a bit of a bore. For one, I did not do an adequate research so the resort, Patio Pacific Boracay, was not a beachfront resort. Nevertheless, it was a very relaxing place. The room was very comfortable and the amenities were good - infinity pool, gym, and there's even a wall for wall climbing. Since it's a minute's walk away from the beach, tamaditis got to me and all I wanted was to catch up on a month's worth of sleep. Of course, we still went to the beach to walk around, lounge and swim but we did not spend most of the time by the sea like the first two times I was there.

And by the way, the Caticlan airport is newly renovated. Nice!

The resort's check-in building

After spending three days in Boracay, we decided to head to Sampaguita Gardens in Aklan (about 10 minutes away from the airport). I left my wallet in Manila the last time I was there and I just had to buy something from that place. For those who are not yet aware of Sampaguita Gardens, it is owned by Samuel Butcher, the creator of Precious Moments. Anyway, I'll write a complete review on the place later.

So basically, this whole trip was all about relaxation and letting time pass by slowly without thinking about work (except for a few hours). Thankfully I achieved that!  And Boracay is still beautiful but not as stunning and captivating the first time I saw the pristine white beach. Plus, I don't have that beach body to flaunt and I just did not have the guts to slip into the bikini tucked away in my suitcase. Maybe that's why I was not that keen to go to the beach. Oh well, I still have to work HARD for that bod for my May 2013 trip to Boracay.

I guess this is my last trip for the year and I'm looking forward to more vacations in 2013!\\

Cigar rolling outside the art gallery in the mall. According to ate, the tobacco came from Ilocos, not grown in the Visayas.

Souvenir lane
More souvenirs. I was looking for the tiny bottles with sand art and they are no longer sold according to the vendors. The use of sand in souvenirs is now banned.

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