Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Ramblings

So this holiday season got me realizing a few things. But what caught my attention was that I've been worrying and panicking so much that finding myself not being able to breathe is a load of crap. And it's all about nonsense things. Well, maybe not all-nonsense but I shouldn't worry about those stuff so I won't be that uptight, too serious girl anymore.

For one, I've been worried about my company not recognizing my efforts, I've been suffocated by my salary not being enough, I've been eaten by the green-eyed monster when I see my younger siblings' accomplishments, and their friends as well. I look at my friends with their babies and how their life looks so complete. But you know what? Nothing is perfect. I've been driving myself insane for what? I want to snag that perfect job with the ginormous salary and have a perfect loving partner. But really, for what? So I can relax after doing all those things (my so-called goals) and enjoy life. But who says I can't do that now? I don't need to be on top of the world to enjoy what I have now.

Another thing was I got to stop comparing! Sometimes, it's difficult to do it but not everyone is in the same situation, same circumstances, etc. I was actually surprised when my friends pointed out that I already did so much. It made me feel like a pig to be complaining about feeling stuck when my friends' concerns were about finding a job and other more serious stuff. 

The bottom line is to be thankful for everything I have. Yes, I know I am grateful to You for all my blessings but I got to let go and stop noticing other stuff that will meddle with my thoughts and make me feel like I'm not doing enough. I mean, how many more overtime hours do I want and how many more times do I want to feel overfatigue before I cut myself some slack? So from now on, I will be that merry little girl who will embrace life and be more mature, considering I'm turning a quarter of a century next year (sounds old, huh?). No need to be antsy about turning 25 since there is no need to hurry, no need to feel pressured and the "finish line" is still far ahead and there is so much time to accomplish the things I have in mind.

Bye all BVs and welcome all GVs! Thank You for 2012 and bring it on 2013.

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