Thursday, July 5, 2012

Makati Girl for Two Years

July 5, 2010: date I was hired by Philippine Wacoal Corp.

I now officially have two years of work experience! (my previous work with Hizon's was short-lived so I'm not counting it).

When I first entered Makati's corporate world, I felt thrilled, scared and nervous at the same time. I am now a Makati girl but that meant I had to brave the throng of people at the MRT. Taking a cab everyday is just not practical. Also, having an expat president seemed a little scary (but it's a good thing Mr. Iwasaki is very nice).

My job at the Direct Sales Department at first was a bit boring (maybe not just a bit). We needed to generate sales, organize the mini warehouse and do a monthly inventory. That was just not my thing. Routine work made me want to puke.

By my third month, the management probably noticed that I was not that interested with the job and decided to move me to the Store Division. My initial task was to handle the trainings of the employees. But since trainings only occur three to four times a year, I handled a bunch of marketing tasks. This I really did enjoy. I love talking to other people like suppliers and business partners. I love attending events and meeting new people. I love working on tasks for our campaign. I love everything! This is the job I really want. It sometimes involve long hours but who cares, I'm having fun.

Of course, like any other employee, I passed through the phase when I felt like my salary was not enough. This was heightened a couple of months ago when my younger brother got a better starting salary (which is higher than my current basic). But come to think of it (now that I did some reflection), my pay is pretty ok. Not stellar, but ok. After all, my job is not that stressful and I only need to report for 5 days a week (I so hated my 6-day job before). I guess I just need to stop being an impulsive buyer (I got more than 10 pairs of shoes I haven't worn at all) and I ought to learn the importance of saving. Still, a raise is also most welcome. Haha.

But overall, I'm happy with my job for the past two years. I have learned tons of stuff, been promoted twice and I was given a chance to take Ateneo's Digital Marketing Program (which is really interesting). Plus (a great, big, huge plus), the people are extremely nice. Office politics can never be eliminated but somehow, the one we have is mild. At the end of each day, we are still one big happy work family.

I still see myself taking an MBA but I'm not yet financially ready (I still need to make ligaw to my parents. Haha.) Maybe, in the next two or three years I can reach that dream. For now, I am just thankful for all the blessings that I have. I may not have gotten everything that I wanted but I believe that everything that is for me will happen at the right place and at the right time. All my past experiences shaped me who I am today. Thank You!

Cheers to my two years at Wacoal and I wish that adventures will keep on coming my way wherever I am. ;)

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