Friday, September 27, 2013

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013

Take your pick ladies!

Victor Basa. Lucky Divine Lee!

Rayver Cruz. Can't believe what he did with the banana!

JC de Vera. He let the crowd touch his abs.
Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez.

Can somebody tell me why Alden Richards was their finale? Uh oh.

Photo from Joy Solomon

Photo from Joy Solomon

Photo from Joy Solomon

Definitely worth the pila and puyat

Screams, shrieks and howls filled the World Trade Center last Tuesday for the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013. Dozens of hot young men paraded on the catwalk for all the ladies and the beckies in the house. I can't believe my luck when our Account Executive at Summit Media gave me VIP tickets to watch the (did I mention hot?) much coveted show. It was a by invitation only so only a few lucky hundreds (did it reach a thousand, I dunno) were able to see it live.

Initially, I thought I would swoon when top actors and public figures who were incredibly ripped walked the walk of fame. But then, screaming (at times) and jumping and tip-toeing to see the awesome view was enough. I know I was on a euphoric high after it so I was in ultra super control mode to prevent myself from embarrassingly flooding your social media feed with half-naked men. Sorry for the few photos, I just could not help myself. Hahaha.

From the 9th row in the VIP area, to the aisle, to the side of the runway, I managed to dodge the ushers who were keeping the crowd at bay. And boy oh boy, when the centerfold men came out, I was right beside the stage. Upon seeing all the HOT HOT HOT men on stage, I realized that from afar, they looked like gods who held so much power and bewitched the audience. But up close, they are still humans. Humans with scars, unwanted marks, flabs (aminin, merong may flabs) and all.

But one particular guy caught my attention - Daniel Matsunaga. I've never been this gaga for a local (well, technically he's Brazilian and Japanese) star and I was just awestruck. He is gorgeous, has a body to die for and has a presence that would make you immediately like him. He was also friendly enough to hold hands with the crowd and have photos taken with the girls and beckies (sayang, I was not able to get one!). And did I mention he liked my photo of him on Instagram without tagging him? *kilig* So from barely knowing him at all (I just knew he was a model), I am now officially a fan! Hahaha.

Other comments for the night:
  • Was Tom Rodriguez's abs really a drawing? Seems like it when I was a foot away from him. What a shame if it is true.
  • Dennis Trillo was a bit of a snob (my opinion)
  • Stop bashing Sam Concepcion. He's still a "kid". 20 years old with a body like that is not that bad. Wait for him next year. If he works on his body, he can be hot. (disclaimer: I'm not a Sam Concepcion fan but there were just so many bashers that night).
  • Hideo Muraoka was also hot. But Daniel Matsunaga is still the winner for me.
  • AGAIN, why was Alden Richards the finale? He looked like a boy compared to the men before him.
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