Thursday, October 2, 2014

6 Things I Learned About Grad School

I've been dreaming about pursuing graduate studies ever since I got my undergraduate degree. There's something about books and knowledge that keeps me craving for more. Geez, I sound so nerdy. Lol. But of course, it was my time to dive into the real world and I can't stay forever in my sheltered haven. Plus, one of the requirements of grad school is years of work experience.

Armed with a degree in HRIM, I wasn't that keen on working in the F&B industry. I was glad though that work experience was required for further studies. I was given the chance to handle the marketing activities of a small MNC and I found out that I did not just like it, I actually loved it.

When I got the news that I passed the rigorous screening process of UP's MBA program (trust me, it wasn't easy), there was no turning back. I packed my office stuff a month before school started and well, waited for the first day of classes like an excited little kid.

So with a little over a month spent in grad school, here's a list of what I learned about it:
  1. Grad school is challenging. I knew it was going to be busy but all the maths (especially linear programming) are killing my brain cells! And simple following of instructions are expected. I don't know what's with my batch but the admin in charge of us is always frustrated because there are quite a lot who keeps on asking redundant questions and does things their own way.
  2. Grad school is oh so casual, in terms of clothing. This may be because I'm in the full time program so almost all of us do not have jobs. So yes, the typical outfit is jeans, shirt, sneakers, sometimes even shorts and slippers. I wore a long skirt to class one time and my seatmates asked me if I had a date! And I still have tons of corporate clothes in my closet which I can't wear to class everyday!
  3. Grad students are more helpful. You know in your undergrad class, there's always someone who doesn't want to share his notes and would keep all the right answers to himself? All my classmates in grad school are generous with their notes and readings. We even help each other when we cannot understand the lessons and have group studies even if come from different groups. Yey!
  4. Everyone wants to be right here, right now. Grad school is something we pursue on our own and something that is no longer required by our parents. We chose to get into this program and it seems like everyone is 101% dedicated. And yes, all my classmates are smart as well.
  5. There's a maintaining grade of 2.0!!! Slacking off and mediocre work are soo not allowed. It's really my goal to graduate with good grades but this news scared me a bit. The pressure is so on.
  6. Teachers expect a lot more than usual. Grad students are expected to read more and research a whole lot more. And make longer papers (or short concise ones when you have so much more to say).
So far, those are the things I discovered with only a month in. I do hope that my experiences at the Virata School of Business would not only be worthwhile, but fun and enjoyable as well.

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. 
~ Socrates

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
~ Nelson Mandela

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