Friday, January 9, 2015

Where We Stayed in Laoag: Java Hotel

I've stayed in Java Hotel twice already. Once in my 2013 trip and my most recent stay was last December. The hotel had spacious rooms and I was really happy about it. The rooms were clean but toiletries available depend on the room type. Our room did not come with a toothbrush but it had four sets of hand soaps. And the hotel restaurant serves the best pinakbet I've ever tasted. I even ate the eggplant and okra, which I normally hate. Overall, I liked our stay in Java Hotel. Except for...

On our way to Pagudpud, which is way up north, a staff called my number and asked if we still have one room key with us. So ok, we forgot to turn over one of the keys but I got a bit frustrated with her since she wanted us to go back right then and there to return the key. I told her that we'll return the key the next day since we will also pass by Laoag on our way back to Manila. She was a bit adamant about policies and such but hey, there's nothing else we could do about it now. We will not waste two hours just to go back to the hotel and then resume our trip. I had to ask if I can talk to her manager before she agreed that we can return the key the following day. Had we been on our way back to Manila by then, we definitely would not return the key. After all, it's the negligence of the staff that they forgot to ask for the key since we were sitting in the parking lot for more than 30 minutes after checking out.

Other than the room key incident, I would definitely recommend this hotel to travelers. The hotel also has a small pool, a tennis court and a gym. They also have a common area where guests can hang out while enjoying the evening breeze.

And oh, when in Laoag, don't forget to visit the sinking bell tower in the city. :) 


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” 
– Anonymous

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