Thursday, January 15, 2015

Somewhere new for 2014: Bangui and Pagudpud

I made it my goal in 2014 that I should go somewhere new every year. I thought that this should be an easy feat since I've been everywhere since after graduation. Come first week of December 2014 and I still haven't been anywhere new! Good thing we had an Ilocos trip scheduled before Christmas (I actually just tagged along). Now, I've been to both Vigan and Laoag before but I've never been up, up north. So hello Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud. 

I was really impressed with the windmills because they were GIGANTIC. And it's so amazing that they can generate power. The wind was so strong the waves were actually big and scary. Sand was also flying everywhere so taking photos was a challenge. I had to tie my hair because loose hair = chaos. 

Pagudpud was an ok beach for me. Coron still tops my list. Debris was along the beach although there were staff cleaning the shore from time to time. Didn't take a dip in the sea though as the water was very, very, very cold. According to the locals, it's the amihan season for November-December that's why it was so windy and extremely cold. I also got to try the zipline which really scared me (if you read my previous posts or if you know me well enough, you'll know that I'm TERRIFIED of heights). But it was really worth it. A portion of the zipline was above a forest on the side of the cliff and then the rest is above the ocean. It was marvelous and I really felt like flying (for a minute only since the experience was very fast).

Taken with an iPhone 6 plus. Love the colors.

This photo and all succeeding photos taken with a Samsung S5. 

Super windy. My hair was flying everywhere.


Zipline which scared the bejesus out of me.


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

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