Saturday, December 17, 2011


I've known Tasha since we were six years old. She was from K-Kamia and I'm from the next door class, K-Gumamela. Throughout our elementary years, we were never really that close. There were some years we were classmates, there were also several years when we barely spoke to each other as we belong to different sections.

Highschool came about and we became close in grade 7. Since then, we had been inseparable. This could have been because we belonged to the same class most of the time. And in instances that we were not classmates, we still managed to catch up with the ups and abouts of each other. We've been through a lot of petty arguments especially during 7th grade. I cannot really remember why we had lots of disagreements but there were times that we would ignore each other for practically the whole day. And when school is out, one of us would ask in a fierce tone "Ano, sasabay ka ba?" and then we would walk out of school together. Since then, Tasha and I became best friends. We would tell each other our secrets, our crushes, our first loves and our family problems. Just remembering our silly crushes makes me smile while I'm writing this now. Tash, remember R_____ and J_____? Hahaha.

After the cheerdance
Highschool graduation.
Tasha. Mich. Kat
Grad ball.
Mara. Kat. Mich. Tasha. Khalil. Jackie. Lauren.
Piya. Alli.
As highschool came to an end and we entered the University, we still managed to meet up with our other highschool buddies, Khalil and Mara, during our breaks. There were even some classes we had together like Geology 1, etc. Vices were introduced and we frequented tambayans like Drews, Sarahs and Shade - smoking and drinking our time away. Classes were skipped and papers were left unfinished. Nevertheless, we had the time of our lives.

Tasha. Mara. Mich.
As we focused on our majors, our paths drifted apart (a little) and me and my girls barely got to see each other. There were times when I would see Tasha only once or twice a year. She got busy with her life and I got busy with mine. But even though that was the case, I knew that she would always be there for me in case I need her. Well, of course there were also a few times when she would be so busy with her other friends and that left me with a tampo. But still, I knew that she was still there (even if she skipped our barkada get together often).

As we graduated from college and started making our way to life, we still see each other other but not that often. Lately, I found out that she is leaving. On the 24th. I can't help but feel a little sad since she would no longer be here. I have this feeling that I'm being left behind. I can't just call her anytime, we can't go out on our shopping dates anymore. For the past few weeks, we've been trying to make up for lost time. We went to Puerto Galera with the girls, had a sleepover and spent hours in malls - eating good food and shopping.

Galera vacation
Bes, I wish you all the best. You take care of yourself since it's your first time to be away on your own. I will definitely miss you a lot! Merry Christmas and enjoy!

P.S. Longchamp ko ha. Hahaha.

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