Sunday, October 7, 2012

5K? It Felt Like A Million Miles

I joined my first ever fun run today. I was so excited that I was already up by 1:30AM (Blame it on Unstoppable too as it was on HBO and I wanted to see how it would end). By 3:00, it made no sense to go back to bed - I would not be able to get up by 4AM.

Out of the house by 4:15 and at Tiendesitas by 5. It was a nice and cool morning and I was actually a bit disappointed to find out that the run would start by 6:00am. Bye wonderful and cool dawn, hello beating rays of the morning sun. :(

The Wacoal Team (photo courtesy of Ms. Concel)
Anyway, we were one of the last few to start the race as I had to check some stuff by our booth - but still ahead of the other runners. Once we were out on the highway, I was already exhausted and I was already cursing myself for choosing to run the 5k instead of the 3k (which they said was for kids). Once I saw the uphill part, I wanted to cry. My legs were starting to turn into lead and I was so thirsty and super exhausted.  Earlier, I said "eew, MWSS water from the pipes". But after running for about 20 minutes, I have never been more than grateful to see the Manila Water jugs. 

 After walking and jogging some more, I was already thinking of hailing a cab as I could no longer go any further.  But thankfully, Tani helped me with her words of encouragement and pushy efforts.

After 55 minutes (technically it's only 54, we just took some photos that's why it became 55. hahaha), I was able to cross the finish line! Yey!

Photo from Anna

Even though I had a really tough time, I am proud to have finished the 5k run. In fact, I plan to run weekly in UP or in the village and join other fun run events in the future.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
~ Lao Tzu

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