Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gran Tierra Suites, Cebu

I was sent to Cebu last month for work. I had to supervise the booth we set up in a conference and I also had to present our case in front of a thousand attendees. Scary, but I survived. I would probably not be that nervous the next time.

Anyway, I checked-in at the Gran Tierra Suites in Cebu City. I was actually surprised that the accommodations were very affordable, if not cheap (breakfast not included). But at the same time, it was clean and comfortable. And I also found out that I was lucky since normally, the hotel is full and booking months or weeks in advance is necessary. So I stayed at the hotel for three nights. I was out of the hotel by 6 or 6:30 in the morning and I was usually back by 8 or 9. Again, how workaholic am I? Hahaha.

I was pretty satisfied with the service as I did not encounter any problems during the stay except for the fact that my door was a bit heavy and was scraping the floor a little bit. I even broke one of the bowls I brought and they cleaned it right away.

I wish I stayed here during my visit to Cebu last year. The place was very comfortable, easy on the pocket, at the center of the city and most importantly clean. I recommend this place to people on vacation and those who will visit the city on business. No need to spend a huge amount of money on classy hotels since Gran Tierra Suites will definitely do.

The Double Room for only P989/ night
The TV was tiny but I did not stay here to watch the telly
The welcome snacks
The filling was not that sweet and has a peanut-touch (way different from Camiguin's pastel but in a good way)
The bathroom was not that big but it was always clean

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