Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Breaking Dawn For Me

I am probably one of the very few who turned down free movie passes to Breaking Dawn Part 2. My company, Wacoal, sponsored a block screening on its first day. For weeks, I had to coordinate with Nuffnang for this event. Thankfully, I was not the one in-charge of everything. I just had to think of the popcorn and drinks, the ticket allocation for the employees, the raffle for the bloggers and the booth for the event.

So why do I refuse to see the movie despite the free tickets, us sponsoring the screening, me working on the opening night, and practically everyone watching the much talked-about movie? Well, I read the book. As simple as that. I fell in love with my Edward while reading Twilight and Robert Pattinson did not do justice to the character in terms of looks (what do I know about his acting, I did not watch any of the Twilight movies).

I was a sappy teenager when I read the series so I was pretty much kilig then. I think I'll still be. One of these days, I'll read Twilight again so I can conjure my version of Edward once again.

To those who will watch the movie, enjoy! I'm not telling you to not watch the movie or the movie sucks but this is just my reason why nobody can persuade me to go to the cinemas with for this.

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