Saturday, May 4, 2013


I never really classified myself as a workaholic. But I realized that I am. Even when I was working as an event planner, I used to dream about table cloths and table settings. And now as a marketer, my mind is forever churning out ideas. I still dream about work (this time about merchandise and collaborations and creatives and a whole lot of other stuff) and even on vacation, I can't help but check out some work stuff. And boy oh boy, troubleshooting on weekends is neck-breaking but a girl's gotta do what she has gotta do.

It's not that I'm complaining that I got loads to do, I was just a bit shocked that work indeed has become ingrained in me so much that I get antsy when I just relax and do nothing (even on weekends). But come to think of it, because of this affliction, I was able to rise up the ranks in less than three short years. I'm no hot shot in the corporate world and hey, I started as a rank and file employee but I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments. I may have skipped a couple of night outs and I can no longer drink til I drop but I'm still generally happy with where I am right now. Even though I did not start as a management trainee, I wouldn't be where I am right now if I did not make the decisions I had then.

Money. I admit it. I was a bit perplexed before since I felt like I was doing a great job and I was not well-compensated. All the other people around me were making double or thrice than I did and I felt like a failure. But let me tell you this, a person's salary is not the only measure of a person's success. I've been hearing that it's natural that you start with a small salary and eventually, after some years, it will get bigger, blah blah blah. And I was like "What?! Why not start now?". But believe me, it is indeed true. Yes, some people land great jobs right after college but most people, as the bell curve shows, will get an average job and their worth will get bigger if they perform at their best over time. Now with three years of experience under my belt and three promotions, it's kind of nice to know that my hard work has paid off. And oh, I'm not yet done with the hard work, it's something that will be forever with me I guess. Other opportunities have sprouted along my path and I can't wait what the future holds.

So I guess it's not that bad to be a workaholic. I'm happy with my career, I still see my friends from time to time and I still get to spend time with my family and be a wonderful "mommy" to my spoiled little Shakti.

Now, back to work. :)

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