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Universal Studios Singapore: Part 2

I know, this post is awfully late, my apologies. Work just drove me insane for the past weeks and I just had no time to write.

New York

We missed the Lights, Camera, Action by Steven Spielberg since it was so inconspicuous. By the time we came back for it (7:00PM), it was already closed.

Anyway, even though I am already in my twenties, I had fun with Sesame Street's Spaghetti Space Chase. I remember the time when my brothers and I would plop down in front of the television set and count with Count Dracula and have fun with Ernie and Bert. The attraction was going around in a train-like car watching the characters as the story unfolds. Imagine, four grown adult ladies lining up and cramming up in the cars. Haha.

The characters such as Elmo, Big Bird and the others have meet and greet as well but we did not stay for it anymore.

Snapshots from the Spaghetti Space Chase

Wanna ride the school bus with me? Oops, it's filled with Sesame Street merchandise.

Aside from Sesame Street, there was the Rockafellas. I think they were the dance group Street Boys (some of them at least) from the Philippines. So they did jumps, stunts and hip hop dancing. They also interacted with the crowd, asking where the people came from and greeting them in their native language.

The New York Public Library

Sci-Fi City

You all probably know that I am terrified of heights. But that's one reason why I keep on jumping from cliffs and riding death-scary rides - I wanna conquer my fear! Imagine my disappointment when the two biggest rollercoasters (Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon) were closed. :( It was really huge with twists and turns that would make me squeamish and regretful. Although, I don't think it had any loops. Well,well, well, it was closed. End of story. 

I'm coming back for you!
So in this zone was my "favorite-est" ride in the whole of Universal Studios Singapore - Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. I'm not exactly sure how big it was inside but it might be possible that the place is not that big and they just made use of big screens everywhere with lots of twists and turns. Tell me what you think if you've visited it already! :)

Meet and Greet Bumblebee
The ride where you spin round and round.

Ancient Egypt

The Revenge of the Mummy was also one crazy ride. It was a surprise to me when I found out that it was an indoor rollercoaster (di kasi nagbabasa). But I think it was ok that it was indoor so I was not that spooked. I just hollered though from start to finish. Hahaha. By the way, they had free lockers in this area since bags and stuff are not allowed inside. Guess why.

In character - as the navigator of the group

The kiddie ride of Ancient Egypt. The gators and rattlesnakes rattled me!
The Lost World

The dinosaurs looked very real and they moved smoothly (no jerky machine movements). Hoorah!

Another kiddie ride

And yes, we tried most of the kiddie rides!

I dared to ride the Canopy Flyer (on my own!). It's not that scary, really! Of course, I sat backwards but the height was not that steep and the flyer was not that fast as well (medyo bitin nga eh).

While waiting for the Rapids Adventure (it was temporarily closed since they had a problem), we saw the Water World. I had no idea what it was and the seats were almost full so we stayed at the vacant seats up front. Lo and behold, the reason why there were very few people in front was you would definitely be sprayed with water from the action happening "on stage". So basically, it was an action-pumped play with marvelous stunts.

Fire in the hole!

That's a mighty big explosion!

With wet hair, soaked clothes and some of the cast.
And of course, the Rio Grande of Universal Studios was much much more fun! There were dinosaurs around and when we went inside the lab or whatever it was, it was a bit eerie. And wait 'til you see the dino that wants to gobble people up! Since I was already soaked to the bone, this was the only ride we tried twice. I actually wanted to try their drying capsule (it was like one big blower) but unfortunately, it was already closing time.

And oh, we rented a locker for Rapids Adventure since we did not dare risk our stuff getting wet. The rental had a minimal fee but if you have the time, I suggest you run to Ancient Egypt and make use of their free locker rental.

And that concludes my visit to Universal Studios Singapore. There was only one attraction that we did not see because it did not have a huge sign like the others. But nevertheless, I had a great time. And oh, imagine it was super hot that day. Good thing, I still looked ok in the photos. Haha.

'Til I see you again Universal Studios Singapore. I'll definitely ride that rollercoaster one day!

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