Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! ~~my holiday ramblings

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's my first time to spend Christmas eve with my family after so many years. I usually spend it quietly with my grandparents for the past couple of years. The ironic thing is, I was asleep as 12 midnight came. I must be really tired from our trip down south. Now, I'm waiting for my brothers and sister to wake up so I can give them my gifts. Wake up sleepy heads!

For the meantime, I'm gonna rave about one of the coolest Christmas gifts I got. I got published online in Thought Catalog. Yey! (Read my post here) And yes, I was so damn good in making that list but I had difficulty in remembering all those things that I wrote. (Oh please, just let me write this last whatever post, I promise I'll turn over a new leaf by new year). Boy oh boy, I'm so not good in dealing with losses. Well, it was not nothing, at least not to me. Oh, I can't bear thinking of how I spent the past 5 new year's eves!!!

On the brighter side of the planet, the annual family reunion will be skipped this year (or is it now every year?) and the Phil-am folks will be spending Christmas dinner at home. It's gonna be a small intimate gathering compared to the huge one we usually have.

And oh, I am so thankful that I have my family and best friends. I am blessed that I have you even in my darkest hours and you did not desert me. My gratitude is beyond words. 

And of course, Jesus (universe or whatever), I know that You are always there. You have been my light and my strength. Funny, I never thought that I would one day seek You out. Even when I stopped believing, You were there when I needed You. Happy Birthday Jesus! 

Once again, Merry Christmas and let's all be merry!

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