Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One More Try Blabber

One more try. Interesting and extremely complicated. It was so intense that I could feel Jacque's pain right down to my bones. (Parang mali, basta I felt like I was having chest pains becuase of the pain. Chos!). And thank goodness it was not another mistress movie (just a tiny bit but not exactly)!

I asked my officemates this question: "Anong gagawin mo kung ikaw si Jacque (Angelica Panganiban), papahiram mo ba asawa mo?" We all answered NO! "Eh pano kung ikaw si Grace(Angel Locsin)?" A single colleague and I answered "ewan, wala pa akong anak" and one colleague said she would do everything for a child.

The situation was so complicated that it got me thinking (and in a conflicted way) what was the right course of action. As a wife (and I'm not even one), I would definitely expect fidelity and faithfulness from my husband. But the sad reality is there are millions of husbands out there with a wandering eye (and even more, at times, - this is not to assume that all men are like that). It was extremely strong of Jacque to stand by her husband through everything. But really, there were NUMEROUS points in the movie where I expected here to leave Edward.

And for Edward (Dingdong Dantes), it was surprising that he did not get mad when Grace almost miscarried. I thought he would go crazy and hit Jacque (dregs of an old movie?). I understand that he wanted to make up for the lost time with his son but would a person really go that far?

And Grace. Of course she is a mother who would do everything for her son. I guess that's one thing I can't understand now since I'm no mama. But in the end, I found that Jacque was such a martyr and an angel. She was very supportive and nice. Of course, there were times she was a bit snitty and all, but I guess that's expected (see, I'm a little biased here). I could never do what she did, putting up with all that crap.

And as for the second kid, imagine what he would feel if he found out that he was made just so he could "cure" his brother? And what if he is still not a match? Poor kid.

To cap it off, I think the actors did a great job with the acting part. The portrayal was superb and I was almost moved into tears (but the dam just did not break). I was just not a fan of the scenes where their faces were on close-up, plastered on the humongous screen hundreds of times (naisip ko tuloy, talaga bang ang Pinoy films ganun?).

Anyway, I'll end this post with quotes from the movie. Good night!

*Note: It's already January 9 and the moviehouse was jampacked!

How can you even say no to a mother with a dying child?

Pero anak huwag mo ring kakalimutan na maraming babae ang papatay para sa kanilang asawa. Anak, tandaan mo, no trespassing. Matuto kang kumatok bago ka pumasok.

Bilang isang asawa, karapatan ko ang ipagdamot ang asawa ko.

Ikaw lang naman yung naligaw eh. Ako naghihintay lang. At maghihintay sa'yo.

Kaya nga may mga taong nasasaktan kasi may hinihingi ka na hindi binigay sa'yo. May mga pangarap ka na hindi natupad kaya minsan hindi mo na alam ang tama at mali. Pero hindi mali ang magkamali ka kasi ang importante, matuto ka. Pero ang pangalawang pagkakataon, yun pwede mong piliin. Yun pwede mo ibigay.

May isa pa akong quote na nagustuhan, yung nasa beach sila and Jacque and Tristan was talking. Will post it when I remember it/ find it.

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