Tuesday, June 25, 2013

App Review: Visual Budget

Three years. That's how long I'm working with Wacoal. And surprisingly, I don't have much savings. I've been telling myself for the longest time that I will start to save for the future (to no avail). And I can't really complain that I'm not earning enough. My salary may not be as high as the others in the industry but how come I was able to save more when I had my first job and my salary was a measly P10,000?

I think it's more about the lifestyle. As the pay grade gets higher, we now have more dispensable income to spend. So I have all this gadgets I barely use, a closet full of clothes with some still with tags and a dresser overpopulated with make up and beauty products. But I'm not liquid!!! The habit I never formed was setting a fixed amount that goes to savings. What happened was whatever was left, it went to savings (which was almost nothing most of the time). I've been struggling with saving since forever and I never really had much of an improvement. :(

So I discovered this great budgeting app. I've tried countless apps already but they all don't seem to fit what I'm looking for. With the Visual Budget app, I get to track all my purchases and I also get to set a budget for each expense category I have. And it produces all the reports and stuff in pie graphs. With this app, I noticed that most of my money goes to shopping, dining and small little things that when added up, costs a great deal. And I can totally customize the categories according to my expenses. With this, I can see if my goal of minimizing my unnecessary expenses have improved.

The only drawback of this app is I have to be careful when importing and exporting the data. I accidently imported the data instead of exporting it and one whole month of my diligent recording was gone. :( Lesson learned: be careful and focus when backing up data.

Other than that, I don't mind paying the $3.99 payment for the app. The app actually appears free on the Apple App Store but after inputting 10 transactions, it will prompt you to buy the full version.

Overview and Reports
Lookie! There are many reports you can generate!
I just love the pie graphs they have! I can instantly see where I spend my money the most.

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