Saturday, June 22, 2013

Man of Steel: Super Hot!

I was never really a Superman fan. Well, I used to watch Smallville religiously back when I was in highschool but my interest gradually faded after a couple of years.

Staying up late on a Wednesday was worth it. The movie was great and Henry Cavill is HOT, HOT, HOT! I don't know the original story since my comic books when I was a kid were Archie, Barbie and Sabrina. Some people said that the story was way way different. Well, my take is that's fine since you can't tell the same story over and over again. The writers are allowed to deviate, right? Oh well. The movie was also a bit long and there were about three times I thought the movie was ending (not!). Other than that, it was great! The effects were good, the movie was not too dark and the humor was ok in certain parts.

I just had some ideas bothering me when I saw the movie. 
  • One was it was the Philippines' Independence Day and the Filipinos were flocking to the cinemas. Believe me when I say that the seats were sold out.
  • Why do all Clark Kent characters look alike? Signature jawline and there's something else I can't pinpoint.
Who's the hottest of them all? Photo from
  • And speaking of look alikes, I don't know the about the other Lois Lanes but don't they look old mature? Come on, Amy Adams does not look young and hot at all. And there's something about Lois Lane's facial lines in Smallville as well.
So those are my thoughts and babble about the movie. To those having an internal debate on whether to watch Man of Steel (or World War Z), watch Man of Steel! I'm still thinking if World War Z is my next movie. Ciao!
Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Then the trust thing comes afterwards.
It's not an "S",on my world it means "Hope"
"What are you smiling about Captain?" "I just think he's kinda hot."
And then the camwhoring in the parking lot began. Thank you Tani for the photos! Haha.
From heels to my comfy car slippers! <3

Niko. Caution: will break your heart. Lol. Kidding :p

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