Friday, June 7, 2013

Boracay Beach Resort

When I was told we were staying at Boracay Beach Resort, I was like "What? Where the heck is that? Aren't all accommodations in Boracay beach resorts?". But when my friends told me that it's the one with the mermaid along Station 1, my thoughts were "Oh, I see, I can remember it now".

The tiny sign I often overlooked
The lounge/ reception area
Welcome sign!
Our room, with a balcony/ terrace or whatever you call it. I loved it because it has a hammock!
The path to the rooms
The resort actually has two types of rooms - the cottages (where we stayed) and the zen type rooms which were newer, and then it just depends on how many a room can accommodate.  Our room was actually good for three persons since there was no more "room for two" available. Our other friends already got the last one. It was ok though since we had more space (which I really need)!

The room for three was P3,500 /night and the room for two was P2,500/night - both with breakfast included. Not bad since the usual resort in station 1 beach front was minimum P5,000/night. The cottages were also a bit old already and the wear and tear is visible already. But if you just need a simple CLEAN comfortable place to sleep, this place will definitely pass.

A tip though for those who are interested in booking a room here. BRING LOTS OF OFF AN INSECT REPELLANT! I'm not sure if it's just the season or what, but there are TONS of mosquitoes. There are super many plants and super many mosquitoes, we even had to buy katol.
The bedroom
They even had a beach bayong with beach towels

The TV and other stuff may be old but it's not that bad considering the room rate and location.
The welcome drinks - I love the mangoes, it was so ripe (or was it just the sugar?)
The mermaid landmark
The best part of the resort? Its beach front!
Breakfast: daing na bangus, eggs and mango
Breakfast: tapa, eggs and mango
Breakfast: Pancake, bacon, eggs and pineapple

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” 

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